Medicare Appointments

October 1 – December 7, 2020

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Walmart Schedule

October 12-December 7

Monday: 8a-12p & 1p-5p

Tuesday: 8a-12p & 1p-5p

Wednesday: 8a-12p

Appointment Slots: 45 minutes

Online Schedule

Wednesday: 4p-11p 

Thursday, Friday & Sunday: 8a-11p

Eastern Standard Time

Appointment Slots: 60 minutes

In-Home Schedule

Saturday: 8a-10p

Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic, Middlesex & Burlington Counties

Appointment Slots: 90 minutes

Medicare Contact

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To schedule a Medicare appointment that is convenient to you, please follow these steps:
1) Review our schedule below.
2) Complete the Medicare Contact form.

3) Select your desired appointment time.

4) Complete a Scope of Appointment (SOA).

*Per CMS, a SOA must signed and completed prior to all sales meetings.

A SOA can be downloaded, here: Scope of Appointment (SOA).

If an email address was provided, an esigned version will be sent prior to our meeting. In addition, Medicare Analysis form will be provided which will ask for your doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and medications. This information is voluntary to complete and helps us to assist you with the appropriate plan that meets your needs.

If you need anything else, please contact Medicare@Sullivans.Group.